Fall Guys launches a contest for other companies with skins as a prize

Fall Guys launches a contest for other companies with skins as a prize

The huge popularity of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has placed it as a very desirable target for other companies to promote their products. The possibility of creating crossover skins has already been used and we have recently seen Team Fortress 2 and Hotline Miami skins in Mediatonic's battle royale. But it seems that money is not the only thing that drives forward the developers of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and they have just launched a contest that should end with the UK-based Special Effects charity organization receiving some extra donations. According to a publication on Twitter, the company that donates the highest amount of money to Special Effects will have its own skin in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.



This contest called Battle of the Brands, has already generated a lot of interest among several companies, that have already stated their willingness to donate hefty amounts of money to charity through Special Effects. Those funds will be destined to provide access to games, consoles, and modded accessories for people with disabilities. Of course, those skins do not have any impact on the game beyond the customization of your character's looks, but they also serve as a way of making you stand among the crowd that participates in every challenge. In this case, also serves a great cause.

It will be interesting to follow the competition and find out who is the winner. The bidding will remain open for two weeks, and after that Mediatonic will confirm the donations and reveal who is the winner. You are likely to see the new skin available in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout shortly after. 



If you don't know what is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is quite likely that you have been living in an isolated desert island during the last few weeks. Mediatonic's battle royale game challenges players with a series of elimination challenges for up to 60 players. Players to manage to get qualified will continue to the next round until only the winner is left. It's simple, it's addictive, it's fun, and it has gathered the attention of an incredibly huge number of players.


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