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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout could reach other platforms

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout could reach other platforms

Released barely ten days ago, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is already considered the game of summer 2020. It must be said that it has already sold more than 2 million copies on Steam and gathered over 8 million players on PlayStation 4. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout definitely boasts impressive numbers even if it's free for PS Plus subscribers. If you add to that the sheer number of views on Twitch, the game has become quite a success.

The other side of the story is that such popularity has made Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout suffer from certain issues, including server problems at launch day, when they couldn't manage the huge influx of players. Now that the problem is solved, the developers have to face the increasing number of players that are cheating in the game. During the last few days, we could find characters running at a speed much higher than normal, or flying through the whole level to reach the finish line in a few seconds. Mediatonic is of course aware of the problem and it's working to put an end to these unwanted practices.



Another aspect, this time positive, of the success of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is that it could become available on other platforms. Right now you can only play it on PC and Playstation 4 but Mediatonic does not exclude the publication of the game on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch:

"To start with, Fall Guys will only be available on PS4 and Steam. We'd love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line. Please let us know on Twitter and Discord which platforms you'd like us to release on next - we'd love to see how much demand there is!"

Despite these few annoyances, Mediatonic seems to be following all that is happening to best satisfy players of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. They also released an update yesterday that adds a new event, Jump Showdown, which was present in the beta.


???? We're about to drop a new level into rotation!!! ????

Jump Showdown - A fan-favourite from the beta! ????

We'll be adding it in our first update TOMORROW!

Patch-notes in the thread ????????

More new levels will be coming soon - along with new features & costumes ????

— Fall Guys ???? (@FallGuysGame) August 11, 2020


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