Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is too popular for its own good

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is too popular for its own good

Sometimes, we are witnesses to a huge increase in the popularity of certain video games and how that has a negative impact on them. That is the case of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a party multiplayer game that has become so popular on its launch day that the huge number of players trying to have fun in the game resulted in its servers crashing. Mediatonic, the developer of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, was definitely not expecting that more than 120.000 players would try to connect to the game servers and that caused players all over the world to suffer severe connection issues that have ultimately caused the servers to go offline for a while. Of course, Mediatonic has apologized via Twitter and the servers were online a few hours later, although they are still working on fixing certain issues.



Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is not an ambitious game and it just offers players an opportunity of having fun letting you compete against other players. Think of it as a last man standing battle in which, instead of having to fight the other players, you have to complete certain mini-games in order to keep yourself alive every round. The time to complete each round is limited, and once that time is out every player that has not completed the mini-game is eliminated and goes back to matchmaking queue. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is very simple, but it's also quite addictive and you will find yourself wanting to queue over and over to qualify yourself for the next round and surpass your competitors which will be quite numerous in the beginning and quite skilled in the final rounds.



Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers but you can also play it on PC via Steam. The game has become incredibly popular on Twitch, and although it's not been confirmed if it will be released on other platforms yet, it's quite likely to happen if Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's popularity keeps skyrocketing.

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