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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will add anti-cheat software

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will add anti-cheat software

When it comes to games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, it seems that the level of popularity is tied to the number of people trying to cheat in the game. We can't deny that there are quite a lot of people that are not able to have fun in a videogame other than winning. At the end of the day, those that have the need of cheating have absolutely no interest in the competition itself and they can only have fun by feeling superior to others, whether it is by using legit methods or not, and they don't really care much about what kind of negative impact their cheats can have in other players or the game itself. It's quite obvious that if other players stop playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout due to the problems caused by cheaters, there won't be enough people to have fun in the game at some point.



Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become one of the most popular video games of the moment, and the number of people cheating in the game has also grown exponentially. Developer Mediatonic has been working quite hard and taking measures to stop people cheating, but it seems that banning accounts and deactivating family sharing on Steam has not been enough, and they will take it to a new level in the following weeks by adding anti-cheat software to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This is something quite common nowadays, and other popular games like Fortnite are also forced to use the same system, but there are also a good number of people that do not like that kind of software because they say it hinders their performance. 



At the end of the day, it's a matter of balancing things, and unless people stop cheating, games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will have to resort to things like anti-cheating software to put an end to that kind of behavior.

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