Dragon's Dogma II shows its classes in a new video

Dragon's Dogma II shows its classes in a new video

Dragon's Dogma II is generating a much bigger hype than its predecessor did at launch and it's for a good reason. The sequel builds on the popularity of a game that was not a big hit when it was released but found a spot in the hearts of many players later. The original Dragon's Dogma became a cult game with many followers over the years, and these fans are now eager to immerse in its universe once more in a brand-new sequel. Promising hack-and-slash action to boot and an exciting fantasy universe to discover, Dragon's Dogma II has caught the eye of a huge community already, and everything points towards it becoming one of the first important releases of 2024.

Exciting action-based gameplay

Dragon's Dogma II features several vocations for players to choose from. Each of them offers a significantly different approach to gameplay. Warrior, Thief, Fighter, and Sorcerer have each unique sets of abilities to use in combat. As an Arisen, you are free to choose any of them to tackle the challenges that the perilous world of Dragon's Dogma II throws at you. You can watch all these classes in action in a video published by IGN that reveals 18 minutes of gameplay footage.



In Dragon's Dogma II, you will encounter a wide range of enemies that will put your fighting skills to the test. Depending on your current vocation, you will have different methods to deal with them at your disposal and will have to devise a proper strategy to come up victorious. Gigantic foes like the Cyclops in the video can be even more challenging than big groups of smaller enemies. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the environment to debilitate or hinder them and gain the upper hand in battle.

Dragon's Dogma II looks quite good and there will surely be more opportunities to learn more about it ahead of its launch. We still have to wait for a few months to play it since the release is scheduled for March 21, 2024, on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. If you can't wait to play it and want to preorder your copy, our comparator has the best offers on Dragon's Dogma 2 CD keys already.

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