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Official release date of Dragon’s Dogma II announced

Official release date of Dragon’s Dogma II announced

In a live stream dedicated to Dragon's Dogma II, Capcom announced the release date for its upcoming action RPG title. Hideaki Itsuno, the director, alongside the producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, provided more details about what they call a narrative-driven game and the release date set for March 22, 2024, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.

The preview also introduced new elements, such as monsters. The highlight is Talos, a giant that players will need to thwart. Given its enormity, the Arisen and their pawns can mount it without any problem and target specific points if they intend to cause any damage. Sometimes, using a winged enemy as transportation is also the solution, while in other situations, a ballista might be the more appropriate option.



The first Dragon's Dogma didn't seem as focused on the story as its sequel. The producer says the second game has the same premise. The player is the Arisen, whose heart is stolen by a dragon—very similar to Grigori from the first. But Dragon's Dogma II's world is parallel to the first. The story starts around the human kingdom of Vermund, where a power struggle for the throne occurs. To this end, the queen of Vermund creates a false Arisen. Meanwhile, the kingdom of Battahl considers the Arisen's allies, the pawns, to be a source of misfortune.

The only thing both kingdoms have in common is that they recognize the dragon as a threat, although their perspective on the Arisen and the Pawn differs. The player finds themselves amid these two kingdoms and needs to wander through both, learning more about them. For this, there are quests, which are more traditional RPG quests as before.

A new feature introduced was the specialization of Pawns. An ally can, for example, understand the language of elves, allowing the Arisen to converse with them. Another may have the Logistic specialization, which seems to enable the Pawn to find items while exploring.

The Arisen has gained a new vocation, the classes in Dragon's Dogma II, called Trickster. The weapon of choice is a Censer, which conjures illusions to confuse enemies or bestow buffs on allies. It is the first entirely supportive vocation in the game. At the end of the live stream, the producer showcases the deluxe and bonus pre-order versions.

Dragon's Dogma II is one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2024. With the date confirmed for March 22, fans can check our comparator for the cheapest CD keys on Dragon's Dogma II and prepare to adventure once again through the fantastical world as the Arisen.

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