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Dragon's Dogma II director provides a deeper look at combat

Dragon's Dogma II director provides a deeper look at combat

Hideaki Itsuno, the director of Dragon's Dogma II, joined the Capcom Showcase to provide a deeper look at combat, Pawns, and gameplay systems for the hotly anticipated action-RPG. The vocations players choose shape whether they tackle foes with swords at their side or magick incantations, and varied elements such as terrain and enemies create dynamic combat scenarios throughout the game. The Capcom Showcase also fleshed out more news regarding the upcoming Exoprimal, the VR mode on Resident Evil 4, and an unfortunate but expected delay on Pragmata.

AI-controlled Pawns return from the original Dragon's Dogma and accompany players throughout their journey to form a party of up to four characters. In addition to customizing their Arisen, players can also personalize their main Pawn, who can in turn be recruited by other players' Arisen to borrow their skills and knowledge. What Pawns learn through these experiences will be reflected in their behavior, making them worthy player companions.



Dragon's Dogma II harnesses the power of the RE ENGINE to create a world map about four times the size of the original Dragon's Dogma that is densely populated with enemies, events, and locations rendered with the latest graphical technology. The environment is complemented by immersive physics and character AI that brings Pawns, monsters, and NPCs to life.

Pawns organically guide players to new locations, dynamically cooperate during battle, and even react to special moments such as celebrating narrow victories with high-fives. Monsters new and old encourage players to devise numerous strategies to succeed in combat, or even avoid it all together. NPCs, such as the bow-wielding Ulrika who has a deep connection to the Arisen, or the high priestess of the beastren Nadinia, will form intricate relationships with the Arisen that set the stage for nuanced story moments.

Interesting fact: Ryota Suzuki, the designer of Dragon's Dogma, is the battle director of Final Fantasy XVI. Anyone who has experienced FFXVI's demo and played Dragon's Dogma can spot some of his influences (including Devil May Cry 5) in the fast-paced but crisp and steady gameplay. It's different from a pure hack 'n slash experience.

New information on vocations and other experiences unique to the game will be shared in the future. Dragon's Dogma II is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. If you want to play the role of Arisen once again, check our comparator for the best deals on Dragon's Dogma 2 CD keys and call your pawns to face an almighty dragon.

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