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Escape from Tarkov expands its Customs map and adds new weapons

Escape from Tarkov expands its Customs map and adds new weapons

The release of update 12.7 for Escape from Tarkov is around the corner and Battlestate Games has finally published the patch notes for it, allowing players to have a better understanding of some of the novelties coming to the indie first-person shooter. The game has captivated a lot of players with its realistic mechanics and hardcore gameplay and it is now focusing on expanding its content with new additions. The first thing that players will notice when the patch is implemented is that they will have access to new weapons, including the FN GL40 portable grenade launcher, and also new types of ammunition.

The main novelty that the update 12.7 brings to Escape from Tarkov is an expansion of the Customs map, one of the oldest available in the game, which will now offer about 30% more terrain to cover and access to certain buildings that players couldn't enter before. But there will also be some modifications to other Escape from Tarkov maps. Shoreline will also see some changes with the addition of a new scav boss, Sanitar, which is a former doctor able to heal other scavs. He has also provided them with a variety of stim packs that will make encounters in the area more difficult as they will enhance enemies' performance. Players will also be able to take advantage of these new stims but they will have to be very careful because they can have some serious side effects.



The other major addition coming to Escape from Tarkov is a significant improvement of the enemies' AI, which will change the scavs behavior to make them a bigger threat. Not only they will group up to attack players but they can also improve their equipment by looting corpses, including those of the players they kill. 

All those improvements will make Escape from Tarkov an option even better for those that are looking for some extra challenge. There is no specific release date confirmed for update 12.7 but we expect it to be released soon. As a reminder, Escape from Tarkov is available on its beta stage only. You need to be aware of that and keep in mind that significant changes may be implemented during this period. Even at this stage, the game offers a great mix of FPS and MMORPG mechanics.



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