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    Always dreamed of creating your own story, deciding your fate in the depths of the galaxy? Now you can in Starbound. Fleeing from your nest, you head into the great beyond only for your to ship to become trashed. From here, you must beam down to the nearest planet and scavenge resources to fix your ship and prepare for the exploration adventure of a lifetime. Starbound presents an immense amount of freedom in that you can choose how you will save the universe from the threat that has destroyed your home. As you go forth in your heroic journey, you will uncover the mysterious truth, or alternatively drop out to colonize surrounding planets. You'll encounter ancient temples, a modernized metropolis and much more in your time in Starbound, with tools to make the universe entirely your own. Suit everything to your own personal play style, with endless possiblities to choose from. You'll choose from one of seven playable races, fully customizable along with your own starship which can be decorated to your liking. Head into a single player campaign crammed with bosses, quests and dungeons to blitz through. Expand your crew, craft objects, capture monsters and even head online for co-operative play. Whatever you decide to do, Starbound has you covered. Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.

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    Reward Event Will you embrace the challenge of entering the world of Lies Of P and uncovering its mysteries while facing its most cunning foes? Are you ready for the next chapter in Lies Of P?
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