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    Medieval 2: Total War is the fourth game in the popular, award-winning Total War franchise. As in previous games, the strategy is turn-based and the battles are in tactically-oriented real-time. Much like the first Medieval: Total War, Medieval 2: Total War focuses on things like medieval, gritty warfare, religion, and the question of politics in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Medieval 2: Total War will put the player in command of enormous armies with up to 10, 000 soldiers fighting their foes on realistic, epic 3D battlefields. You will witness the most violent era in Western history, and acquiring territory and power will take you through Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and even onto the shores of the interesting New World. The player will rule over his kingdom, build and improve his cities, and train his armies to vanquish his foes. Diplomacy is also an option for those that prefer not to engage in combat, and it can be used to manipulate both your allies and enemies, trick the feared Inquisition, and influence the mighty Pope. Participate in the Crusades and bring the victory to either Islam or Christianity in the Holy War, it all depends on you. You get the chance to rewrite history itself and make the world bend to you, that's the point of Total War. Medieval 2: Total War has a new campaign that will take you across three continents and you will even sail to the Americas to battle the Aztecs on their own homeland. The user interface has been enhanced and an option to make the campaigns shorter has been implemented to make the Total War experience a bit faster and overall more enjoyable. There are over 40 new features, an advanced terrain system, improved weather effects, and more to truly enhance the Total War experience as much as possible. Play online or using LAN against 8 other players to see who the best conqueror is!

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