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    Chaos reigns as four new Lords enter the fray. Total War: Warhammer III - Champions of Chaos is an add-on to the main game that introduces four Legendary Lords to the Realms of Chaos and Immortal Empires campaigns. With these four Lords come 50 new units to add to your campaign. All Lords have their own mechanics and objectives separate from other factions and are not connected to the Ursun storyline.

    Choose your Legendary Lord:

    • Valkia the Bloody - consort to the Blood God Khorne himself, Valkia has a variant of his Bloodletting ability. After a successful battle, her faction gains campaign movement bonuses.

    • Festus the Leechlord - a former doctor corrupted by Nurgle, he has given up his physician’s oath to spread disease and death. 

    • Azazel the Prince of Damnation - a servant of Slaanesh, his unearthly beauty can charm enemy units to join his side instead before the battle begins.

    • Vilitch the Curseling - a servant of Tzeentch who is fused to his hulking brother, Vilitch can use his ability to Teleport Attack his enemies. 

    Who will reign supreme among them in Total War: Warhammer III - Champions of Chaos? Choose your side.

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Total War: WARHAMMER III

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