Total War: PHARAOH

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    Creative Assembly returns with a new installment in its iconic strategy video game series. Total War: PHARAOH pits you against the woes of history with the sands of Ancient Egypt as a scenario. With its exclusive combination of massive real-time battles and turn-based strategy mechanics, the game delivers a new and exciting experience where you aim to stand above your peers and become Egypt's last great Pharaoh. Control the divine powers of a God on Earth and drive your people to the glory in this epic adventure as the successor of the great Pharaoh Merneptah.

    Choose from several leaders, each with their own benefits and playstyle, and build up your influence as you try to control the lands of Egypt, Canaan, and Anatolia. The game represents the cultures and lands of the region with historical accuracy and will let you discover many aspects of the ways of living as they were back in the day.

    Whether you choose to lean towards diplomacy or warfare, you will need to develop a solid economy to fund your domination efforts. Total War: PHARAOH features a new customization system that lets you modify the game so two campaigns are never the same.

    Total War: PHARAOH is a great strategy experience, albeit less massive than its predecessors in the series. From exciting battles with loads of units to intricate strategy mechanics, the game features everything needed to deliver an authentic Total War experience.

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