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    Company of Heroes 2 takes place during World War II in 1941 on the eastern front, opposing Nazi Germany forces against the Soviet Red Army.

    During the single-player campaign, you will play as a commander of the Red Army, and you will have to prevent the Nazis from taking over your territories. The first missions will act as a tutorial in order to help you get used to the gameplay, while still accomplishing some missions.

    The second game mode “Theatre of War”, will allow you to complete a few historical missions with the means and forces of the time, whether in solo or cooperative mode.

    The game features multiplayer modes too. You will play one versus one, and up to four versus four on several maps. Each player will be able to pick any faction in each team.

    The game system differs a bit from other well-known RTS games. As excepted completion of mission objectives, victory is not granted after the enemy bases are wiped, but by capturing strategic points on the map. With this victory points system, the side that controls more strategic points will see the opponent's number of victory points start to decrease. When you are out of points, you lose.

    One of the capital strength of this title lies in its physics engine as the weather plays a very important role in the strategy. Try to drive a tank across a frozen lake and you might lose it. Snow, cold, and storms have a consequent impact on your units, from a simple slowdown to eventual death.

    The topography, just like the weather, has an important role too. In a city, a vehicle may not see you if you are hidden behind a building, you will also have bonuses and penalties to protection and aiming, depending on the position of your units, behind a bush, barriers, in a plain, surrounded by the mists, or even flares…

    To help you accomplish all these tasks, you will have access to a lot of units. Some of them will be specialized units such as mortar, medics, flamethrowers, and snipers among others like reconnaissance vehicles or light and heavily armored vehicles such as tanks, etc.

    Most of the units can be improved, whether you prefer to focus on arming or utility. You can even equip your vehicles with a flamethrower, your snipers with flares, and set down barbed wire or even sandbags.

    The “Commander” system will allow you to do many things, such as repairing vehicles on the battlefield, calling in special units, improving some units, marking enemy units, and so on.  On top of this, there’s experience and levels to gain, which will allow you to improve certain abilities and customizing your army before your games start, thus allowing you to use different playstyles.

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    Comments on Company of Heroes 2

    Oct 25, 2016, 10:54 AMon
    Bonjour, ce jeu est décrit comme "Ce jeu est un DLC et doit être utilisé avec la version complète du jeu", pourtant il me semble que c'est justement la version de base du jeu. Pourriez-vous m'éclairer à ce sujet. Merci
    Hello, this game is described as "This game is a DLC and must be used with the full version of the game", yet it seems to me that it is the basic version of the game. Could you please clarify this for me. Thanks
    Jan 14, 2013, 5:20 PMon
    <strong>Attention !</strong> Certains sites proposent une clé pre-order mais ne vous l'enverront pas avant la date de sortie du jeu. Par conséquent, vous pouvez faire un trait sur la Bêta de Février...
    <strong>Attention !</strong> Some sites offer a pre-order key but will not send it to you before the release date of the game. Therefore, you can forget about the February Beta...

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