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    The Great Houses of Calderia is a grand strategy game where you enter a world of intrigue, political maneuvers, and power struggles. Build up your family’s power through the generations to create a lasting legacy in Calderia, a fantasy land inspired by the Renaissance.

    Sit on the throne as your family’s leader, but you won’t be planning their life alone—you also need to manage your family members. Each one has their own desires and stories, which means they can be quite a handful. Appoint them to specific tasks you need them to perform—sometimes, against their will. Make sure that the task is suitable to their traits, and remember that traits can change over time.

    Engage in delicate diplomatic events, such as marriages, jousts, and other social events. These alliances you forge will help you stand strong against your enemies. Spend time and resources for diplomacy and social ties to extend your influence. And when it comes to war, use the real-time tactical management system to win your battles. 

    Remember that your actions and goals will shape the history of Calderia itself. As your family grows, you will experience their individual stories and see how they leave their mark on the world. It’s these qualities that make The Great Houses of Calderia an endlessly replayable game.

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