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    Demolish everything in your path with Instruments of Destruction, a sandbox vehicular simulator with a high fidelity physics-based system that lets you destroy just about any object in the game. If you can see it, you can wreck it.

    The game’s physics engine allows you to interact with everything in it. You can shatter objects into smaller particles that look unbelievably realistic. An advanced GPU-driven system also gives you realistic grass effects and surface rocks. 

    Design and build your own vehicle to function as an engine of destruction. Put it together using all kinds of parts to build a standard construction vehicle, or something entirely crazy and new. Add items like rocket launchers and power saws to rip apart anything in your path. As you progress through the game, your list of parts grows as you unlock even more items. Mix and match in a variety of combinations till you get your ultimate destroyer. 

    There’s more to enjoy in Instruments of Destruction. Each island you explore has three difficulty levels: Normal, Challenge, and Expert, as well as Sandbox play. Accomplish your objectives and find hidden objectives to unlock more parts and even entire vehicles. There are no rules to how you achieve them either—just wreck away and fill your appetite for destruction. 

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