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    War is hell, and never has this been better illustrated in a game than by This War of Mine, a survival game that focuses on war’s greatest victims: the civilians. You control a group of desperate people forced to take shelter in a run-down house in the fictional European city of Pogoren. A war between the government and rebel forces has torn the city apart: every day is a hellish fight for survival interrupted by the noise of bombs and gunfire. All you can do is hold out in hopes of a ceasefire. During the day, you must prepare food and water, deal with requests from neighbors, trade with the black market, and somehow keep your spirits up. At night, you must go into the ruined city and scavenge everything you can to make your life bearable. Often, you will find yourself faced with impossible moral choices. Will you steal and kill if it means surviving? How will it impact your morale and those of your companions? And will your efforts even be enough to withstand starvation, roving bandits, and the coming of a bitter winter? No matter your outcome, This War of Mine is an unforgettable game that shows humanity during a time of seemingly endless violence and conflict.

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