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    When evil arises, and you need someone who can go in, get the job done, and make the biggest mess and carnage possible to show that you aren't to be messed with, there's only one group you can call: The Broforce. That's right, the Broforce, the paramilitary organization that is known for going over the top and ensuring that maximum damage is caused to the enemy. Evil is about to threaten the world once again, and the Broforce's number is about to be called. In this epic action co-op sidescrolling shooter, you'll take control of members of the Broforce as they go out on a mission to try and save the world from terrorists. With their vast arsenal, there won't be a reason to hold back, just load up and let loose! Deliver devastating damage via your guns, then, deliver epic combos via explosions that'll make sure no terrorist is left standing. With the Bro-Op Mode, you'll be able to tag-team with up to four of your friends and work together to ensure that freedom reigns, and that the bad guys die, and die hard. Or, if you're looking to spice things up, you can go into a Deathmatch against the other members of your party and see just who is the biggest and the baddest of the Broforce. Want to go out with a bang? Well, then you'll want to try out Explosion Run, where you'll have to work with your bros to complete certain tasks before the world blows up around you. All this insane action and more can only be found in Broforce!

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