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    Total War: ROME II is a turn based strategy game where you partake as Rome trying to conquer the world in the time of legendary leaders. You'll get to pick who to play as from some of histories most famous and infamous men. But then, when you are ready to take the fight to the next level and truly dive into history itself, you'll want to get the Total War: ROME II Hannibal at the Gates DLC pack. Where you'll get to be a part of the 2nd Punic War that changed history as we know it. The brilliant general known as Hannibal wants to take down Rome in the name of his father, and his alliance of nations has the power to do it. But, Rome will not fall so easily, and General Scipio will ensure that Rome fights with all that it has. With Total War: ROME II Hannibal at the Gates, you can play as either Carthage or as Rome and recreate some of the most legendary and strategic battles in history. Can you relive those battles? Will you surpass them and truly change history? The choice is yours. With the DLC expansion also comes new features and advancements, including a new way to look at the Mediterranean landscape that these fights are fought on. There are 19 provinces on this new map to try and take for yourself in order to fight your foe. Use them to your advantage, and claim victory. There's also new historical campaigns to do, new factions to control, new units and ways to play, an advanced way to do multiplayer, and much more.

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