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    Keep the world from ending by using the element of time to solve puzzles in The Entropy Centre. A spiritual successor to the Portal series, this first-person puzzle game is set on an enormous space station orbiting the planet Earth. Due to an extinction-level event, the world is burning and you are almost out of time. You must navigate through the Entropy Centre, reach its core, and there find a way to stop the apocalypse. 

    Your only help and companion is ASTRA, an AI gun designed to control the element of time. With her on your side, you can chart an object's chronology and move it back into the past. This lets you rebuild pillars and other broken structures, return objects to prior locations, get machines working again, and stop structures from collapsing. Use your time abilities to solve mind-bending puzzles and make your way to the heart of the station—before time runs out!

    Complimented by witty dialogue, fantastic voice acting, and a series of truly challenging puzzles, The Entropy Centre provides an incredibly good time for those who loved Portal.

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