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    Enter a 2D narrative-driven platformer that explores the problems of a failing healthcare system in Fall of Porcupine. Featuring anthropomorphic animals living in the small provincial town of Porcupine, you follow the life of Finley, a young doctor stationed in the town’s only hospital.

    As an internist physician, you get to talk to the town’s many colorful characters as you make your rounds. Play mini-games as you examine each patient and determine their specific illness. You will need your wit, speed, and skill to solve each case. Choose the right dialogue to find out if your patient is hiding something. It won’t be long till you discover that the town of Porcupine has plenty of secrets!

    Explore the picturesque town, the nearby forest, and the strange ruins beyond. Meet Finley’s friends in town, as well as the strict head doctor and steadfast nurse. Talk to them to build a good relationship. Engage them in funny, witty, and sometimes profound conversations about mental and physical health. And uncover the secrets hidden within the town itself.

    Fall of Porcupine is a story about friendship, empathy, and self-sacrifice enveloped in a narrative-driven game. Help Finley help others through their medical woes despite a troubled healthcare system and bring back some hope for humanity again.

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