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    BLACKTAIL is an action adventure game that builds on the legend of Baba Yaga to create a tale. In the game, you take the role of a 16-year-old girl who has been expelled from her village and accused of witchcraft. Condemned to survive by her means in the woods, Baba Yaga will have to resort to her bow to hunt. Soon, she will find herself assaulted by evil spirits that haunt her taking the shape of twisted memories. Hunting them down is her only option to unveil the mystery of her past. Slowly but steadily, Baba Yaga will learn more about her surroundings and discover that she has a knack for alchemy. Crafting potions, hunting, and gathering resources to survive will rapidly become daily chores for this mysterious girl.

    The game features an exciting combat system that focuses on archery. You can take on a multitude of enemies with your bow and the special arrows you can craft with alchemy if your aim is good enough.

    In BLACKTAIL, your decisions shape the story. Depending on your choices, you could become the benevolent protector of the woods or a nightmarish witch that will terrorize the region. Which one will you choose to be?

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