Blacktail reinterprets Slavic fairy tales in an exciting adventure

Blacktail reinterprets Slavic fairy tales in an exciting adventure

The legend of Baba Yaga takes a new shape in the upcoming video game Blacktail. The Parasight and Focus Entertainment will soon bring us this exciting adventure that has a girl named Yaga as a protagonist. Accused of witchcraft after the disappearance of her sister, Yaga is expelled from her home and begins to live alone in the woods while looking for her missing sister. Surviving by her own means is a difficult task, but soon she discovers that she is indeed a witch when her faded memories start to return and a mysterious voice from her dreams becomes real and strange spirits begin to haunt her. Yaga will have to hunt them down in order to find out the answers she needs to unravel her own story.

The story of a witch

Blacktail starts as a survival game of sorts where you have to gather resources to craft everything you need to survive but it slowly turns into something completely different. Equipped with a bow and arrows, Yaga will start hunting down animals for their meat, but as she delves deeper into the forest where she lives and her magical powers start to awaken, more dangerous prey will be her targets. Goblins, living mushrooms, and spirits are just some of the monsters she will face as she explores the forest and the story progresses. Blacktail features an action-based combat system where you shoot arrows and fling spells in the first-person view. 



Such a level of action is accompanied by an intriguing storyline about a very special girl and the person she wants to be. In Blacktail, Yaga will face moral dilemmas, and her decisions will have an impact on the story and shape her future. If she becomes the evil children-eating witch from the legends or a more benevolent protector of the forest will only depend on you. 

Blacktail takes a unique approach to a classic fairy tale where your decisions will shape the story. If you want to discover its fantasy universe and immerse yourself in an epic adventure, the release of the game is scheduled for December 15 on PC. Feel free to use our comparator to get your Blacktail Steam Key at the best price.

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