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    The Tarnishing of Juxtia is a Souls-like 2D sidescrolling adventure set in a dark fantasy world filled with fallen gods and evil machinery. You are a lone nameless warrior who has set out to destroy this wickedness and redeem the land, whatever the cost.

    Wander through a gloomy yet beautiful world created with pixel art. There are 15 levels with unique environments for you to explore, each with its dangers, side quests, and rewards. 

    Create a unique build by collecting weapons, armor, magic skills, and other bonus gear that support your playstyle. You can also customize your character’s look by changing gear and color.

    Seek out the Tarnished bosses and slay them for grand Relics. Each major enemy is as powerful as they are terrifying, so you must come prepared. The Tarnishing of Juxtia provides an Energy Rush mechanic: take on a calculated risk by doing attack combos; succeed, and you will gain a temporary boost in stamina and speed. And with the Relic you win from the boss, you can unleash an Ultimate that can wipe the floor with your opponent. Do you have the strength and skill to prevail against the fallen gods, or will you be reduced to ashes? 

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