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    The ancestral home of the Dwarves is finally out of ore to mine. All the veins are depleted, and the valley is now deserted. But there is always hope for those that want to take risks, and when Ruggnar hears of abandoned places full of unclaimed treasures, he begins the adventure of his life. The exploration of abandoned will prove to be quite profitable, but all of them are in the dark. Equipped only with a bag and a few candles, the protagonist of this unique platformer will try to make his fortune.

    Candles will burn for a limited time, but Ruggnar can throw them away to light up the path ahead and pick them up to reuse them later. He will need to move very carefully and avoid the myriad traps that can easily kill him as he looks for treasures through narrow corridors and dark rooms. He can also listen to the surrounding sounds to figure out the best way to progress in his adventure. 

    Ruggnar is a game that features procedurally generated levels, smooth controls, and a story full of humor, as well as plenty of cosmetic items to customize Ruggnar's looks. What really makes the game unique is that there are no enemies. But don't worry, your adventure will be challenging enough even without ugly bosses to defeat.

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