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    The long-awaited sequel to Deliver us the Moon, Deliver Us Mars is an atmospheric third-person adventure game that gives you the feeling of an astronaut confronting the unknown frontiers of space. You have but one mission: Hunt down and retrieve stolen ARK colony ships that hold the key to humanity’s survival.

    Set ten years after the first game, mankind is now at the edge of extinction. An SOS sends Kathy Johannson, a young astronaut from Earth, on a mission to Mars. She and the crew of the Zephyr have limited time to find the missing ARK colony ships stolen by the sinister Outward. Travel across the arid expanse of Mars’ surface as you search for traces of Outward. Endure physical obstacles and solve puzzles to discover the source of the mysterious distress call. 

    As the daughter of a renowned astronaut that disappeared in mysterious circumstances, Kathy Johannson is a lively woman that has followed in her father's steps. In this mission, not only she has to retrieve an item that is crucial for the survival of humanity, but she also has to solve the mystery of her father's disappearance. Deliver Us Mars does not pit her against dangerous enemies, but surviving in the Martian environment is enough of a challenge, even for a seasoned astronaut like her.

    The game features stunning visuals and captivating music that will draw you into its world. You'll explore the orbital facility and the surface of Mars, solving puzzles and uncovering clues along the way. As you progress through the story, you'll face challenging obstacles and make tough decisions that will shape your journey. Gameplay consists of first-person exploration with puzzle-solving elements. You'll need to use your wits to find hidden items and complete objectives in order to progress.

    With cutting-edge motion and performance capture, as well as cutting edge graphics using Unreal Engine, Deliver Us Mars promises a heart-pounding, emotional journey fraught with risk and reward. Only your wits and your will shall grant humanity a future on the Red Planet—or seal its doom.

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