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Deliver Us Mars doesn't need enemies to be challenging

Deliver Us Mars doesn't need enemies to be challenging

If you played Deliver Us The Moon you already know that KeokeN Interactive is capable of creating a unique adventure in a sci-fi scenario just by focusing on its environmental conditions and a thrilling storyline. It's no surprise then, that the studio has developed an experience that is even more challenging and immersive for its sequel. In Deliver Us Mars, you take on the role of the only astronaut capable of saving humanity. Your mission is to recover some valuable items from the Red Planet, which puts you in a life-or-death situation as you explore its surface. 

There are no ugly aliens in Deliver Us Mars

With very limited resources and pressed for time, Kathy Johanson has to traverse different regions of the planet while looking for a way to recover the ARK colony ships. These are the key to humanity's survival. Instead of delivering an experience focused on aliens, laser guns, and epic combats, Deliver Us Mars allows you to immerse in a thrilling experience that is all about exploration and discovery. In fact, climbing your way across steep crags on the surface of the planet will be as challenging as fighting any gigantic alien boss. 

Deliver Us Mars also uses the story to keep you glued to the screen and create an immersive experience. Kathy's personal story acts as a cohesive element that drives your forward. Her long-lost father, which was an astronaut too, could be alive, and the mystery of his disappearance could be solved in this game. The game proves that there is no need for combat to deliver an exciting sci-fi action experience. 



Deliver Us Mars is a great option for those that want an intense experience at a slower pace, leaving aside frantic shootouts. With a release scheduled for February 2, 2023, you can already visit our comparator if you want to buy your Deliver Us Mars Steam key at the best price. Also, feel free to check out Deliver Us The Moon if you want a better understanding of the story and gameplay style that its sequel will offer.

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