Deliver Us Mars is an exciting thriller on an isolated planet

Deliver Us Mars is an exciting thriller on an isolated planet

The apocalypse can come in varied forms and it's usually worthless to put the blame on anyone. Instead of that, we need to do our best to survive. That is what happens in Deliver Us Mars, a sci-fi thriller that is also the sequel to Deliver Us The Moon. In the first game, you traveled to a space station on the Moon to look for an alternative source of energy that would save a planet Earth almost out of resources. In Deliver Us Mars, the situation is even worse. Humanity is on the verge of extinction and you take the role of a young astronaut tasked with recovering ARK colony ships on Mars in the last attempt for our civilization to survive. The ships are able to reverse the devastating climate changes that the Earth suffers and would give humanity a second chance.

Your real adventure in Deliver Us Mars starts when you arrive at the Red Planet. The dusty surface of Mars hides many secrets, the climate is unforgiving, and you will have to find out how to accomplish your mission. You will be alone when exploring an isolated planet where everything is challenging and risky. Deliver Us Mars is an immersive narrative experience full of suspense with a great dose of realism, and as you progress through the game, you will need to discover the truth about the destiny of the ARKs and the origin of the distress call that brought you here. 



On the gameplay side, developer KeokeN Interactive has chosen a very realistic approach. Deliver Us Mars is especially challenging when you have to climb steep terrain, making Mars exploration quite a challenge even if we are not in an action game full of battles. 

The release of Deliver Us Mars was planned for this year but it's been delayed to February 2, 2023. It will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. As usual, the best prices to get your Deliver Us Mars PC key are available on our comparator along with the best deals on thousands of other video games.

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