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    Gord is a single-player adventure with strategy elements set in a dark fantasy world. You are the leader of the Tribe of the Dawn, a group of people destined to explore the forbidden lands of the world of Gord. Your tribe will build a settlement under your guidance, but survival is quite difficult in a world populated by legendary monsters and enemy tribes. You have to send your people to gather resources and plan the construction of your settlement, never forgetting to keep your people safe behind strong palisades and walls. 

    With the population always at risk of being attacked, building a thriving community will be quite a challenging task. Not only will you have to find ways of gathering enough food and water to keep your people alive, but the horrors that populate the world of Gord will also have an impact on their sanity. Therefore, you will need to do your best to protect them at any cost. Your task will be even more complicated if you decide to take on any of the many side quests available to you as you progress through the game. 

    Gord offers you the possibility of customizing the type of challenge that you will face, but the content will be procedurally generated, so two games will never be the same. The game features many gameplay mechanics that contribute to making it deeper, like the possibility of praying to the gods for blessings that can turn the tide of a battle or a system of collectibles that reveals more about the story of the world and how it became such an obscure and dangerous place.

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