City sim Gord throws you into a forest haunted by monstrosities

City sim Gord throws you into a forest haunted by monstrosities

One of the most unusual sims to come out recently, Team17’s Gord is a town management and survival game wherein you must direct your people to survive in a harsh and forbidden land. It looks like Diablo mixed with Age of Empires with a side of Darkest Dungeon. Check out the “They Call It Gord” trailer right here:



You are in charge of the settlement of Gord, a meager town inhabited by a hardy folk known as the Tribe of Dawn. As with any city builder sim, you must manage your villagers’ food, shelter, safety, and happiness, all while trying to expand and enrich their lives. 

Unfortunately, the forest won’t make it easy for you. Neighboring tribes will storm your settlement and slaughter your villagers. Even worse, monsters from Slavic folklore wander the woods, preying on the unwary. And worse threats still lurk in the forest, mysterious powers that mean to do you harm.

Unfortunately, you must send your villagers out on quests for the sake of the settlement. This may include monster hunting, stopping a plague, or uncovering the mysteries of the Ancients. Either way, your people are not Witchers. You’ll have to arm them and watch their Burden and Sanity meters. You can research technology, pray to the gods, and use your town witch’s powers to help you. Spells can increase your offense, defend your villagers, or control deadly beasts, but remember that it’s a dark world and the price for any magic is high.

Gord does not have a firm release date yet, but it is set to release for PC in the summer. If you’re up for keeping villagers alive inside a forest full of deadly monsters, keep an eye on our comparator for an affordable price listing of a Gord PC key.

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