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    Exterminate the undead horde in this gothic horror action game, Vampire Survivors. An ode to the Castlevania series, you play as vampire hunters trying to wipe out an army of zombies, skeletons, and worse.

    Play in a simplified environment with roguelike mechanics. You choose a character and jump right into the fight. Immediately, you’ll find yourself surrounded by enemies that grow in number and get stronger over time: first bats, then skeletons, ghosts, werewolves, deadly plants, vampires, and worse! 

    Your character will attack automatically, so all you need is to maneuver around the map, collecting money, crystals, power-ups, and items that will help you survive as long as you can. You can collect classic Castlevania weapons such as whips, holy water, bibles, daggers, and clocks that stop time. You can power up each one by collecting more of the same item. Lasting a long time before dying lets you unlock unique items and even new characters to play. Eventually, you can choose from up to 7 characters. 

    There’s no escaping death in Vampire Survivors. All you can do is collect as much money and unlock as many items as you for the next run. It’s simple, straightforward, and absolutely addictive!

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