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Vampire Survivors inspires a new mode for League of Legends

Vampire Survivors inspires a new mode for League of Legends

Riot Games is one of the most successful game developers thanks to League of Legends, The legendary MOBA gathers millions of players worldwide in exciting team-based matches and every one of its championship retransmissions is followed by countless spectators. League of Legends is so popular that a whole universe has been created around its lore and characters. It has served as an inspiration for other games including Ruined King, Bandle Tale, Song of Nunu and more. With these, Riot has expanded League of Legends across many genres. However, the studio is now doing the opposite and it will take another game as an inspiration to launch a new gameplay mode for LOL.

New PVE mode

Vampire Survivors has already inspired many other awesome titles with its auto-shooter mechanics and bullet-hell madness. Games like Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor offer an experience with many similarities but also enough differences to make the game stand out. Now it's Riot Games' turn to take inspiration from the game by Poncle to create a new and exciting addition to League of Legends that will arrive in the form of a new gameplay mode. A recent video published by the developer reveals novelties coming to the game and the most significant one is the addition of a new “bullet heaven survivor PvE game mode for League of Legends during this year’s summer event.”



The footage leaves no doubt about it. The new gameplay mode has written Vampire Survivors all over it, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. The combination of League of Legends' lore with bullet-hell, survival mechanics inspired by Vampire Survivors will surely appeal to millions of fans. Also, the introduction of such a gameplay mode will also be interesting to those who do not like PvP confrontations. However, we will still have to wait for a while until Riot reveals more details about this new gameplay mode that should be available next Summer.

Meanwhile, we highly recommend that you try Vampire Survivors whether you are an accomplished LoL player or not. The game offers an exciting and addictive experience that has been expanded with several DLCs and it's worthy of a spot in every video game library. As usual, our comparator is the best source of deals to buy a cheap Vampire Survivors code.

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