Vampire Survivors is getting a new expansion

Vampire Survivors is getting a new expansion

After spending a year in Early Access, Vampire Survivors was released at the end of 2022 and it became quite popular really fast. The game has captivated many players with its action-based, hectic gameplay, randomized content, and multiple possibilities of building your character as it tries to survive against hordes of monsters. In fact, many clones of Vampire Survivors have appeared in the last few months due to the huge success of the game. 

Bafta awards and a new expansion

Vampire Survivors is a critically-acclaimed masterpiece whose merits have even been rewarded at the Bafta Game Awards. It won the Best Design and Best Game awards, in a competition with the big winner of the event, God of War Ragnarök, who took home a total of six awards. It's quite an achievement for a game originally created by a single person, Luca "Poncle" Galante, who couldn't be happier. Poncle is now a small studio with a few workers, and it has plans to expand Vampire Survivors.

A new expansion for Vampire Survivors was announced in an interview with Xbox Wire. Under the name Tides of the Foscari, the second DLC for Poncle's roguelike shoot 'em up will add to the game a new region to explore, The Great Forest.

“The Great Forest is home to all manner of magical beasts, spellcasters, demi-humans, spirits, demons, angels, and the kinds of things you might not want to meet when your lantern flickers out. Here, the barrier between worlds is perilously thin, but there are those who traverse the woods to reach what lies at its center: The Foscari Academy."

“You wouldn’t think that parents of the world’s elite would be eager to send their progeny into danger just to get an education, but The Foscari Academy is no mere school. Here, the next generation of warriors, scholars, and leaders learn what it takes to be masters of their crafts.”

The Foscari Academy is divided into three different Houses, (yes, like Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy), but they take care of different fields of study. While mages train in the Azure Tower, the Crimson Anvil takes care of warfare experts, and the Amber Sickle is home to all those that prefer quiet professions.



The expansion will bring a total of 8 new characters, 13 new weapons, a new stage, 7 music tracks, and plenty of new achievements to complete.
Tides of the Foscari will be released on April 13 for Xbox and PC. Of course, if you are yet to discover the game, you can find your Vampire Survivors PC key at the best price with our comparator. 

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