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Vampire Survivors is expanding with new characters, items, and more

Vampire Survivors is expanding with new characters, items, and more

There are some games that don't need to invest in awesome graphics to become a success. We have recently been witness to the huge success of Loop Hero, and Vampire Survivors is a game that could be following the same path. The game has become quite a hit among those looking for some survival action due to its rather simple mechanics and thrilling gameplay. Its pixel-art style graphics are good enough to let you focus on staying alive while trying to destroy an increasing number of monster waves that will attack you from all sides. Vampire Survivors just focuses on delivering an exciting experience loosely inspired by Castlevania games, and it accomplishes it quite well for a game developed by a single person.

Every Vampire Survivors game is different, and the more you play the game, the more options you can unlock between runs with the gold you gather while playing. The game offers a wide selection of characters and permanent upgrades that will make your life easier in consecutive games, but developer Luca Galante is adding more in future updates. He has recently revealed the roadmap for Vampire Survivors. While the game is not getting additional content in the form of an expansion or anything, he will be adding a total of nine new characters, sixteen new weapons, two power-ups, four relics, and a new mechanic called "Arcanas." Nothing has been specified about this new mechanic yet, but we will find out what it's about very soon as it should be implemented next month.



Moving further ahead, the summer should bring a major engine upgrade, and sometime down the line, Galante is planning on implementing the Endless mode that many players are requesting. You can check every detail about the future of Vampire Survivors in the official post on this matter on Steam. Also, feel free to use our compàrator to find the best deals and buy your Vampire Survivors PC code cheap.

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