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    Explore the terror of a mountains shrine filled with the restless dead in Fatal Frame/Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water. A Japanese survival horror series, Fatal Frame stands with Silent Hill and Resident Evil as among the scariest video game titles in existence. 

    Maiden of Black Water brings you to the shrine of Mt. Hikami. Here the precious spring water is said to house spirits. Those who wished to end their lives come to partake of this precious water before finally ending their lives. Thus, Mt. Hikami became haunted, a place where lives were sacrificed to keep an otherworldly force from entering our world. 

    You play the heroine, Yuri Kozukata, who is a descendant of a Hikami shrine maiden and goes to the mountain shrine to fulfill her destiny. You wield the only weapon that can banish ghosts: the Camera Obscura. To damage a ghost, you must take a picture of them. The closer you are, the more damage you deal, with the riskiest and most damaging being the “fatal frame”--the picture of a ghost’s weak spot, usually seen at the exact moment they attack. 

    Do you have the courage to exorcise the ghosts from this forbidden mountain? Find out in Fatal Frame/Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water.

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    Comments on Fatal Frame Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

    Dec 24, 2021, 9:54 AM
    Another console game we can at last play on PC. This horror Koei Tecmo game has at last come on PC, remastered, and I think can give us much fun, perhaps as Residenti Evil franchise.

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