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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Coming to PC and Consoles

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Coming to PC and Consoles

KOEI has announced that their survival horror game,Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, will finally be ported to PC and other consoles. Also known as Project Zero, Maiden of Black Water is the first of the Fatal Frame series ever to receive such a port, having been a Wii-exclusive game since 2014. Now, not only is it heading to PC, but also PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X simultaneously on October 28.



If you’re looking for a scary good time this Halloween season, the Fatal Frame series is a great way to terrify yourself to bits, comparable to other horror greats like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.  The formula is the same for each entry, but it works: you play a young girl attempting to solve a mystery of a supposedly haunted area. In Maiden of Black Water, this would be the eerie Mt. Hikami, a sacred place whose spring water is said to house spirits. Those who wish to commit suicide come here as their final act before doing the deed. As such, the mountain is haunted by restless, hungry souls. 

The trio of protagonists investigating the mountain is led by Yuri Kozukata, who has psychic ability. Over time, you will be able to switch between Yuri and her two companions, Ren and Miu. 

The final common denominator among the games is your weapon against the ghosts: the Camera Obscura. The only way to damage the spirits is to take their picture. The closer they are when you push the button, the more effective the camera is. And if you can catch the ghost at the instant of an attack, you can deal the greatest amount of damage and even extra combos. 



When is the Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water release date?

October 28 in Europe, North America, and Asia for PC and consoles. Check out our best prices for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.

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