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    Have you ever wanted to build and manage your own magic potion shop? Welcome to the potion business with Potion Tycoon. In this witchin' management simulator, you will have to mix potions, design bottles, acquire resources, build and manage production lines, and then sell them in your shop. Become the leading potion vendor by growing your business and experimenting with new recipes.

    Choose the path of your liking by buying the ingredients or growing your own magical plants and fungi. Keep the production running and grow your shop to make it as competitive as possible. Decorate the shop and make it smell nice to please your customers and make a good presentation of your products. 

    You will be able to make various types of potions. Combine different ingredients and create, invisibility, summoning, or healing ones. Send out parties in search of new ingredients all over the world, or research and construct your own furniture and machinery. Leave the competition behind by hiring and leveling your staff in order to maximize the efficiency of your business.

    Take risks in order to reach the top of the food chain. Accept VIP requests in order to increase profit, but be careful since failing such requests will hurt your business as well. Increase your brand status to gain the trust of adventurers. In order to raise your prices, you will have to become a prestigious brand first. Keep your clients satisfied and become the Potion Tycoon.

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