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    Golf Club Wasteland is a gem. Utterly unique and impossible to ignore, with good vibes, good music, and good storytelling. This mind-blowing game offers stunning visuals and soundtracks. Play through the wasteland that the world has become, where the ultrarich use the remaining landscape as a golf course.

    If you ever wanted to visit Paris, this is your chance, it might not be as you thought it would, but this game will deliver. Unravel the story through destroyed monuments, abandoned parks, museums, or shopping malls. It is up to you to piece together the full story of how humanity fell.

    Even though the game mechanics seem basic, they are very enjoyable due to the scenarios and the environment constantly changing throughout the story. Human life is wiped out and all it is left is this dystopian sports puzzle for you to master. 

    This title, Golf Club Wasteland, has some amazing ratings, such as 9/10 from The Washington Post. Metacritic rated it 79 and Playstation Universe gave it an 8.5/10. It was even nominated for Best Indie Madness at Gamescom 2021. You can't go wrong trying out this masterpiece, with mostly positive reviews overall.

    Edited by Untold Tales, the ones that also gave usAspire: Ina's Tale, also being a highly rated title. They specialize in giving your sense and pleasant experience overall, but mainly with its visuals. You will also be listening to Radio Nostalgia From Mars alongside a smooth-voiced radio DJ that will keep the show flowing.

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