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    Fight, kill, and consume your foes in a Metroidvania like no other: GRIME. You are a strange being born from the implosion of exotic material, with a body made of stone and a black hole where your head should be. You find yourself in a grim, nightmarish world where the landscape is a misshapen mass of stone and flesh, and surreal monsters are roaming everywhere. 

    A world of nightmare. Explore a vast hellscape with sights like a desert of faces, a forest of limbs, and a cave filled with weeping eyes. Even the creatures seem to be suffering due to their horrid, mutated forms. But you can put an end to their painful existence.

    Grow in power. Destroy every enemy that stands in your way with an assortment of strange weapons that mutate in combat: swords that claw, axes that bite, and whips that sting. Every time you slay a creature, your head can absorb them to increase your strength and give you new skills.

    Face challenging bosses. You will need every ounce of power you can get to fight menacing bosses that are many times your size. Memorize their patterns, pick skills to counter them, and try your best to survive. GRIME will not be easy, but then, real power is never given. It’s taken.

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