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    It’s Grand Theft Turnip in this single-player adventure game that features vegetables committing petty crimes and misdemeanors. Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a riotously funny tale featuring the titular boy (who also happens to be a turnip) who owes a lot of back taxes to the Mayor (who also happens to be an onion). This sets him on several quests in an attempt to settle his debt. 

    While the art design reminisces of Stardew Valley, humor is quite an important part of this game. You’ll be treated to lots of pulp culture references and internet humor. Turnip Boy can and will tear up his paper trail to avoid taxes. He can also plant and harvest other vegetables to help him, such as bomb plants and portal flowers, which he can then use against the bosses he meets while exploring dungeons. Help him solve puzzles, complete quests, eliminate enemies, cover up his tax trail, and maybe even bring down the government! 

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