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    Do you have the strength to conquer a life built on misery? Your fate in The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante depends on that answer. A visual novel and RPG, Life and Suffering lets you experience the grim and uncompromising story of Sir Brante, born a commoner in the Great Arknian Empire, during a time when the Twin Gods have decreed that one’s lot in life is determined by their station at birth. The nobility rules, the clergy dictates one's beliefs, and the lowly commoner suffers. Unless, of course, you decide to take fate into your own hands.

    Choices matter in the game. Every choice accrues points that, along with corresponding circumstances, determine the events in later chapters of the game. Tread carefully, because what you do will have very real and possibly devastating consequences, not just for yourself but your loved ones.

    The life of Sir Brante is open before you and it will be full of hard decisions. You may end up as a follower of the Emperor, or an Inquisitor for the clergy, or perhaps a rebel seeking to overturn the hierarchy and bring down an entire empire. It all comes down to you.

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