Dyson Sphere Program

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    Dyson Sphere Program is a unique exploration and management strategy game that lets you create an industrial empire and expand it across the galaxy. Starting with a small workshop on an isolated planet, you will need to gather resources and research technologies that will let you reach other planets. You will have to create an efficient interplanetary energy network that is able to supply power to your automated factories, exponentially increasing your production and your growth. At a certain point, you will even be able to draw power from the stars by building your own Dyson Sphere. 

    As a space engineer, you have the whole galaxy as your playground and all kinds of machinery at your disposal to develop everything you need from transport ships to robots. The universe of Dyson Sphere Program is generated procedurally so every one of your games will be completely different. Only by building an efficient production line with a sustainable power network, you will be able to complete your objective. Keep in mind that each planet has different resources, and you will have to adapt your building plans to their availability. Even though there will be a lot of automated processing once you set some factories in place, you will have to make use of a mechanized suit to gather resources and build everything, while always keeping an eye on your energy levels. 

    If you are a fan of mass-scale management and building, Dyson Sphere Program is the appropriate challenge for you.

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