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    Survive on an alien planet with only your wits and your crafting ability. Keplerth is a 2D dungeon crawler and survival sim that you can play solo or co-op multiplayer. Explore an alien open world where every creature is more than willing to kill you.

    You wake up from hibernation to find yourself on an alien planet. You have no food, supplies, and no weapons. Somehow you must build a base, craft weapons and armor, tame alien animals, and defend yourself against the hostile elements of Keplerth.

    Create your own xeno-farm by reclaiming wastelands, growing plants, breeding animals, and gathering the fruits of your labor. Soon you’ll have everything you need to sustain yourself on this planet.

    You can explore the surface of Keplerth to scavenge resources, or delve into its underground dungeons for deadlier challenges and more treasure. Each map is randomly generated to give you maximum replayability. Wander through ruins, fight your way through caverns, and attack other factions. Rewards await your success, and death follows defeat. 

    You can build a better character with some genetic engineering. Edit your genetic makeup to give yourself the skills required to survive in a hostile environment. You can also choose from hundreds of weapon combinations to create one-of-a-kind fighting styles. 

    Your destiny is yours to build on Keplerth. What kind of life will you create here?

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