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    Enter the dystopian cyberpunk world of Conglomerate 451, a grid-based rogue-lite RPG where you employ clones to take down corrupt corporations and their armies. As the CEO of Special Agency, you have been tasked by the government of Conglomerate City to enter Area 451 and cleanse it of the corporations that have ruled it like crime families. To accomplish this, you have been authorized to create clones to act as your personal elite squad. Generate your agents, manipulate their DNA to create the perfect warriors, then send them to fight in procedurally generated dungeons.

    Research & Development. Your company’s research department is essential for unlocking new upgrades and enhancements for your squad. Give them all the resources necessary to complete their projects.

    Man-Machine Interface. Not only can you adjust your agents’ traits by designing their DNA, but you can also give them cyber-enhancements to augment their skills and complement abilities. Use your hacking abilities to enter cyberspace and steal important information.

    Beware the Trauma. Each time your agents are grievously wounded, they may take on permanent Traumas that impact their abilities. While you may give them drugs to increase their performance, they may also gain addictions or other mental problems as well. 

    On the Job Training. Your agents may also gain Perks or Mutations as a result of their combat experience. But be careful, death is permanent in the mean streets of Conglomerate 451

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    Comments on Conglomerate 451

    • Technical information

    • Official website : Conglomerate 451
    • Categories : Role-Playing
    • Editor : Fulqrum Publishing
    • Developer : RuneHeads
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Release date : February 20, 2020
    • System Requirements
      • Recommended
      • CPU : 3.5 Ghz Intel® i5 or AMD equivalent
      • RAM : 16 GB RAM
      • GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2 GB video card or AMD equivalent
      • Storage : 10 GB available space
    • Age Rating
    • PEGI 16
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