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    This is a game to practice patience! :THE LONGING: will take over a year to finish.The king goes to sleep and you have to wake him up in 400 days. As the last servant, it is your duty to stay and guard until he awakens and regains his might. You are a small, wide-eyed creature, a Shade. Explore the caves of the underground kingdom.  Many of the caves have multiple doors, extended stairways or long corridors and, with the pace that the Shade walks, a lot of your time will be spent by slowly traveling these seemingly endless caverns. Occasionally you'll wander in

    to grander rooms, like a crystal hallway or a room that's stacked floor to ceiling with gold, but they are merely the lost history of this desolate kingdom.

    Now it is up to you to decide if you want to play the game or just wait until the 400 days have passed to see the end of the game.


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