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    Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV is part of a long saga of great strategy RPGs. This installment in the franchise is trying to bring back the charm and mechanics of the older titles, but also use the advancements that are part of the last games in the series.

    The enormous land of China is waiting for your conquest. In a huge single realistic map, with the characteristics replicated perfectly in CG, the map is comprised of 46 cities and approximately 340 regions. You can conquer territories to unite the land and unite it under your own color. Keep supply lines to sustain your troops and conquer the land but make sure to keep the supply lines safe or you risk to lose your troops to fall into a disorderly state and weakened. Organize the administration in an organization chart and use the various commands and effects they provide to perfect your strategy.

    The aim is to gather and manage land during the fall of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, using diplomacy or force as needed. With more than 1.000 unique officers, each of them has their own character trait. Some officers possess a powerful and unique character, well suited for battle, and arranging the right officer in the right place will help in shortening the path to conquering territories, others are more suited for administration. you need to find the right balance to conquer the immense land of China.

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