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    Live a second life in a fantasy world with Black Desert Online. The land is in chaos as the mighty nations of Calpheon and Valencia go to war. Each kingdom is focused on collecting black stones, objects of power that may give them dominion over all the others. You, an adventurer, must navigate this environment while carving out an empire of your own.  

    Build another self. Create a fully customizable character, choosing everything from height, body type, face, and skin color to all sorts of details. Choose from 14 classes, each with its unique set of skills. 

    Exciting Combat. Pick up your weapon and fight unrelenting monsters in innovative, fast-paced combat. Use your quick reactions and precise control to execute stylish combos. Join mighty guilds and go toe-to-toe against other guilds in large-scale PvP combat.

    Create your fantasy life. You can be a lord of your domain, controlling taxes, resources, and people. But if conquest does not excite you, you can travel the world and partake in other activities: farm, fish, trade, capture and tame horses, sail, craft, and cook. A living, breathing world awaits you in Black Desert Online.

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