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Black Desert Online – now out on Xbox One!

Black Desert Online – now out on Xbox One!

Good news for Xbox One users! You now have a new game to get your hands on with the popular Black Desert Online. The MMORPG title just officially launched on Xbox One platform today and people can’t stop raving about how awesome the visuals and how epic the combat scenes are.

Black Desert Online was created by Pearl Abyss, a studio that’s based in South Korea. It’s an online fantasy adventure and a massively multiplayer game that can have 100,000 players at any one time. It was released after two beta tests where more than 300,000 players gathered to experience it first-hand. It finally came out in four editions: Base game, Standard, Deluxe, and the Ultimate Edition. As for the price, the Base game sells for $9.99 and includes only the access to the game without any additions. The Standard edition is priced at $29.99 and comes with a Snow Wolfdog pet, a 30-day value pack with increased inventory and storage slots, and a 30% XP boost. The Deluxe edition costs $49.99 and includes everything in the Standard edition and other bonuses. If you decide to purchase it, that $20 difference will also get you a Tier 3 horse and the complete Calpheon Charger’s Horse Gear Set. Not bad for twenty bucks, I should say, considering that all the special editions also include a varied amount of Pearls to buy things in the game. The last one, the Ultimate edition costs $99.99 and has everything from the Deluxe edition plus the following:


  • Belle Epoque Wagon Set
  • Kalstein Outfit
  • Junaid Cat Pet
  • Permanent Horse Flute
  • 30 three-type XP scrolls
  • Storage maid


Some of the features of the game include a worldwide weather system that has large-scale events like typhoons and others that can affect and influence the gameplay. Temporary fog can help players launch surprise attacks to opposing players and rival guild structures. There’s also a unique day/night cycle shown by the gradual progression of lighting effects. There are game contents that are only available at a specific time of the day. Players get to engage in mounted combat, and they can get a special mount by mating certain types/breed. They will have to feed and care for their mounts and store them properly because monsters can attack and kill them if left unattended.



Pearl Abyss intends to release new contents for Black Desert Online by mid-summer 2019, but it will be some time until the Xbox One version catches up with the PC one, if it ever does it. If you are looking for a nice MMORPG to play on your console Black Desert Online fills the role perfectly, but unless you want to start from scratch again for some reason, I would recommend to players with previous experience on the game to consider if they are willing to go back to BDO like it was three years ago on PC. Remember that you can visit our blog for more news about videogames and you can also check out our comparator if you want to find the best prices for your favorite games.

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