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Black Desert Online opens its first dungeon to the players

Black Desert Online opens its first dungeon to the players

Despite being quite focused on PvP activities, Black Desert Online also features a thriving in-game economy supported by the activities of the players. As an Asian MMORPG, the game requires a lot of grinding from the players, who need to hunt monsters, gather resources, and trade goods with other players in order to earn money and materials to upgrade their armor and weapons. It's not a system that all players like, but Black Desert Online has managed to secure many followers for itself with its awesome graphics, frenetic combat full of action and combos, and a sprawling world that has already been expanded several times. But when it comes to certain features that many could think as necessary for a game of this type, like instanced dungeons and such, BDO is definitely lacking. Most of the high-level encounters are world bosses that you have to fight in the open and everyone can fight against them if they are up.

But it seems that developer Pearl Abyss is taking the first step to change that. The first PvE dungeon in Black Desert Online is already available on PC and consoles. Atoraxxion is a challenging dungeon that will pit five players against a new threat. Grab your friends and get ready to explore the first of the 4 territories that form part of this dungeon, the desert fortress, and delve into the new storyline that will guide your steps through this new adventure in Black Desert Online. You will have to solve puzzles and defeat plenty of enemies to progress towards the final encounter against the final boss, Apex Lucretia. Of course, if you manage to defeat it you will receive great rewards.



Atoraxxion is already available in Black Desert Online, and to gain access to the dungeon you need to be level 57+ and also complete a series of quests before. Of course, if you want to find Black Desert Online at the best price you just need to visit our comparator anytime.

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