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    Gloomhaven is a video game adaptation of the famous eponymous tabletop game by Isaac Childres. It puts you in control of a party of mercenaries in a dark fantasy world as they explore dungeons and fight against monsters looking for treasure. This tactical role-playing game features 17 different characters to choose from with thousands of abilities that they can master. Abilities are represented by cards, and you have to customize your deck ahead of every dungeon exploration. Once inside the dungeon, you can engage monsters in turn-based combats where you can select your actions from the cards you draw from your deck. Each card is divided into two parts, and you can perform two actions per turn, one from the top part and another from the bottom part, which adds a deeper level of strategy to the gameplay. As you progress through the game, your mercenaries will level up, unlock perks and gain powerful equipment that they can use to enhance their capabilities in combat. 

    Gloomhaven features a campaign with a branching storyline that spans over 95 different missions, but it also includes an exclusive Guildmaster Adventure created by the community, which adds more than 160 new adventures to the game. With thousands of combinations to choose from in combat and awesome graphics, Gloomhaven offers a unique gameplay experience that will put to the test your tactical skills with challenging encounters as you delve into a sword and sorcery fantasy world.

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