Gloomhaven and ARK are free on PC

Gloomhaven and ARK are free on PC

Epic Games continues to give away free PC games every week through its distribution platform. It's been like that since the Epic Games Store opened its doors a few years ago, and if you have been visiting it since the beginning your library should now have over a hundred titles without any doubt. This week, for example, you can claim a couple of games that you will keep permanently as part of your collection in the shop. Gloomhaven and ARK: Survival Evolved are available for free until next Thursday. You just need to visit the Epic Games Store and claim them to add them to your library of games. If you don´t have an account yet, you can easily create one, all you need is a valid email address. 

ARK: Survival Evolved can now be considered a classic of the genre. The game transports you to a mysterious island populated by dinosaurs and primeval creatures. Your goal is to survive by any means at your disposal, which will require you to hunt, harvest resources, grow crops, and research technologies while you explore this land full of secrets and all kinds of threats.



Gloomhaven is the digital version of a popular tabletop game where you control a group of mercenaries that tries to thrive in a dark fantasy world. Choose your group members and take part in a long campaign with almost a hundred scenarios where you get to battle against a myriad of creatures to complete missions and gain gold. As you progress, you will unlock additional equipment and character classes. Gloomhaven features a turn-based combat system with cards at its center. It's a polished game with good graphics that is perfect for strategy fans.

If you miss the opportunity of getting these games for free or you are looking to expand them with additional content via DLCs, you can use our comparator to look for Gloomhaven and ARK: Survival Evolved anytime.

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